Tuesday, 5 April 2016

I'll meet you after my meeting.

It's not long till deadline and I'm starting to panic a little bit. I do not think I am behind but the amount of work I have left is daunting. My website wireframe designs are done and the business cards are ready to print. My facebook and Instagram profiles link up nicely. My blog is slowly coming along. My first final prints have been selected and printed and are now ready to have wax and resin worked into them. This means once they are done I can print the final prints on the right kind of paper, back them and then do encaustic things to them next week. This also means if they go wrong, I have just over one week to print and start again. I have my final meeting with the designer for the collaboration shoot tonight, as well as the final prop shopping trip with Sam in an hour. I'm also going over the other collaboration film pieces from collaboration week in March, later on, today. Basically, this week is all meetings and preparation, next week is shooting and final printmaking. The final week will be spent going over everything and finishing off any last pieces. 

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