Saturday, 16 April 2016


Sam and I had our collaboration shoot with Frog and Pencil designs on Tuesday. Oowen very kindly helped out with set building and behind the scenes photography. It started off well, we had a little building hiccup but it was sorted very easily once we all figured out how to secure the legs to the bucket which held the curtains. I was extremely worried throughout the whole shoot that the bamboo would not hold the flowers and frames but it did hold. Sam and I split the shoot so she worked with studio lighting which was more relevant to her personal work, and I worked with natural lighting which is more relevant to my work. We shot all day as we had the studio booked from 9.30am to around 5pm. I believe it was a successful day and mainly problem free. Sam and I edited all the image by Thursday evening ready to sit down with Claire on Friday and go through everything. I personally did not do any serious editing, I just cleaned them up a little bit. Any other edits to the photographs were done with Claire and then given to her at the end of the editing session. 

I'm almost finished now. That was the last shoot for this unit done. All that is left to do is the final prints, finish adding the report notes to the essay, spell check everything, blog work, analyse final edits and rename all the files. 

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