Thursday, 7 April 2016


So it's collaboration hand in day today. I think my partner and I started off really well. We struggled initially to come up with some ideas, the first few ideas seemed to have a little too much of me involved. We were going through one another's work when I came across his flower photography and I thought I would be able to create a similar visual/colour feel with alcohol ink. I created the ink pieces whilst the cameras Lewis had put up filmed what I was doing. I put all of this together to produce the presentation that we then presented together before Easter break. Since Easter break I have felt like communication broke down a little bit. We struggled at the start due to his deadlines, as he was producing work for a competition and had a lot of group meetings. My work schedule and his clashed a little bit outside of uni but we eventually found a day to film that worked for both of us. I was admittedly away for some of Easter break as was he, but communication was more difficult once the presentation was finished. We were able to go through the footage together and decide what and how to edit and what we wanted the finished article to look like. We weren't sure of the exact outcome of the final piece when we started so the shots weren't placed in a specific order after being exported. Viewing the footage at my place we knew we had got some great shots which we could work on. For example, in my last blog post, I mentioned I stepped into the main shot by accident (although it definitely ended up working out in our favour!). Shooting with multiple cameras did take some getting used to,  I was initially worried about accidentally stepping into view, or that my shadow or reflection would appear on the glass. Lewis helped me get to grips quickly and we even worked out that my reflection in the glass, rather than being a hazard, could end up complimenting the piece. You can actually see me working away and creating the ink glass pieces throughout the film and I personally think it does work, however at the time I was worried but turning that negative into a positive made the collaboration really rewarding. Also since the whole piece is about playing with light and colour when you see my reflection or light being passed through the ink-stained glass it does not detract at all. The majority of the final piece is from the main camera on the fluid head tri-pod, which was situated directly over the pane of glass which I was dropping ink onto. This also affected the framing decision, which is why the film is square. It had to be cropped slightly due to the paper wrapped around the furniture, due to this, it was decided that it would be better as a square crop due to ratio. The very simple piece of music was created in logic and adds another layer to the piece because the sound of a piano key changes the shot, whilst the drum introduces the overlay changes with the light effects.  Although the timing of the project was difficult due to both of us being busy, I really appreciated the chance to work with another student, as Lewis introduced extra concepts such as music and me being in the photo that we both were able to develop on. There were also the usual constraints that had to be worked around, such as the lack of studio space and lighting, but considering this I think the piece is an even better accomplishment for us both.

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