Sunday, 20 March 2016

Collaboration Film/Presentation.

Lewis came around the other day to film our collaborative piece together. We ended up having to use my own living room which I cleared out the best I could. There was no studio space available and I still have the builders light from the 1st year exhibition so it was easier to light my own apartment. We initially had trouble with the setup. We ended up borrowing my neighbours outdoor furniture and wrapped the furniture in white paper. We then covered my floor in a white back drop and started setting up the various cameras. This was a whole new experience for me. I am used to just working with a few assistants, maybe a model and then one camera. Lewis bought four cameras (plus mine made five.) We had one stationed directly above the glass on a fluid head tri-pod. We then had a go-pro, and two other cameras placed at various angles and filming at different speeds. Lewis wanted to try and get as many different shots as we could in one take. This was also pretty hard for me, as a photographer you never have to worry about getting in the way of your own shot. On the very first take I accidentally stepped into view of one of the cameras. I stepped forward too far and my foot was caught in the top right corner of the main wide angle shot. Once the filming of the alcohol ink being splattered onto the glass was done, I then added blending solution and the we photographed the reaction between the solution and ink. I used a hair dryer to create movement and force the ink across the glass. Lewis then lay under the glass and I dropped solution onto the clear parts of glass where his phone with a macro attachment was recording. We then reviewed the footage whilst the ink was drying. Once it was dry Lewis focused the camera on the fluid head tri-pod onto my wall. I held the ink-stained glass directly above the camera and he shone light through the glass to create patterns on the wall which we also recorded. It took some work not to get shadows caught on the wall from the other equipment but eventually we got a few good shots. 

Unfortunately we had no footage to show on presentation day. Our work shifts clashed the rest of Wednesday and Thursday and we didn't have time to meet up and edit the footage. This is something we will do over the Easter holidays in time for deadline on the 7th of April. I think due to the time constraints, lack of studio space and different work schedules we did really well to get to where we were on Friday morning. The feedback for what we had was good. We had some interesting conversations on what we both found different about working with film and stills. Hopefully over the next two weeks we can get the film edited and I will be able to post the final piece on here soon. 

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