Monday, 25 January 2016

One to One.

After having my one to one with Andy today I realised how much work I still have left to do. I thought I was pretty much on track but after the meeting it was clear the work needs a lot of fleshing out before I can carry on with the next stage of shooting. I have a few new photographers to look at and a shoot planned for Wednesday which I am hoping will result in a couple of final pieces. Hopefully I can get all the annotations done for tomorrow. I know I won't be finished in time for the critique on Thursday, but I am hoping I will at least have enough finished pieces to give whoever is marking me an idea of what I am aiming for with unit three. 

Monday, 11 January 2016

Crtl, alt and do what?

See, look at me trying to keep my promise. I came straight back from the workshop to type this session up. It was a really good workshop. We basically went over the basics of layer masking and photoshop short cuts. I use layer masks all the time, as well as adjustment layers but it was still nice to go over it all. The main thing I was really keen about learning was how to make a GIF. I know that most people know how and it's not hard to do but it's just something I haven't really got around to looking up how to do yet. It was surprisingly simple and it's definitely going to be a skill I am going to incorporate into my work from now on. This has led me into looking at cinemagraphs and I am hoping to try and learn and get to grips with that this afternoon. 

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Workshop Notes.

One of the things I know I am terrible at is posting about my workshops. It's something I have always been bad at since year 1. I think it's due to the fact I have other work that needs doing so I tell myself it's okay, that I will get to the workshop post at some point. I know it's a bad habit and I shouldn't do it. Sometimes I feel having my own set of notes and another set online it feels like my time is not appropriately used writing the notes up as I could be spending it on coursework.

I know it's not okay to do it. I know that you guys want me to write about them so you know I turned up to the workshop, but also so you know I understood what was going on. I also know I get marked down for not writing about them so from now on I will try to keep up to date with workshop blog posts. 

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Things I have found.

I found several photographers and photography sites over Christmas that I really like. One of the things I always fall down on in my reflective journal is not posting enough about people/sites I have come across so here goes...

Lemonade and Lenses -

This site is gorgeous. It is an educational online magazine for photographers, ranging from newborn photography to how to help/start your own business. They offer daily inspiration, hold competitions and giveaways as well as hold events. 

Belle Lumiere -

This is another beautiful site and online magazine. Lexi Vornberg, founder of lemonade and lenses actually runs Belle Lumiere as well. It's a quarterly print magazine and online journal. They are all about light and capturing on film.

Tim Rudman - I found out about this photographer shortly before Christmas break when I was really down and finding it hard to have any motivation with university. He has just published a photography book on Iceland using a Mamiya camera. He has an exhibition in the Spring which I am hoping to be able to see. 

Encaustic Photography - I find this process amazing. It's a very hands on approach with prints and all the resin and wax. I find I'm much better suited to that sort of thing. I can't stand sitting in front of a computer, or being cooped up in a studio all day. If we get a free brief 3rd year I will be basing my project on this process.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Back to uni...

So it's the weekend before uni starts and I'm busy finishing off some work from B2Aii. I finished my 30 second moving image piece which I had purposefully waited to Christmas break to shoot for location reasons. The essay is done and I just have a few annotations to do for the second unit. All in all my first and second unit are pretty much finished and done apart from printing. I will look over everything during deadline week and probably tweak a few things but I feel good about being able to put it all aside to get on with the next unit. It's a very small deadline like the last one so I'm a bit apprehensive about getting it done to the standard I want for the 5th of February. Hopefully I won't come up against any problems and the unit will go smoothly.