Monday, 7 December 2015

Why isn't my syrup being syrupy?!

Today has been a highly rewarding but frustrating day. I had no idea that photographing syrup could be so hard. Did you know that it sort of stops being syrupy? I spent most of the time pouring it over different flavoured waffles I'd made, and then having to re-do it a couple of minuets later. I also slightly froze the berries used in the shoot. The redcurrants were just a little too squishy so I wanted to freeze them up a bit for handling. I like the finished photograph but I feel like something is missing from the image. Maybe it's because it's not what I would necessarily want to shoot. To me food is an over-indulgent, messy, happy thing. It's about a bunch of people around a table with too much food and too much wine (if there even is such a thing) Due to having to have five different approaches, this approach was supposed to be clean with minimal background props going on. Just the plate of food. Maybe that is the problem. If I had my way the table would be covered in plates of waffles piled high with fruit and syrup. There would glasses of juice, utensils lying around and linens tucked under tableware. It would be a family breakfast table full of all the hecticness that comes with having a family breakfast. 

Maybe I will do that shoot anyway. 

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Things...I like things.

Our new brief states that we must take five different experimental approaches to a chosen subject. That subject can be anything, but it should be something that we like or enjoy doing. A hobby or an interest of some kind.

I have eventually boiled it down to three things;




On one hand I probably spend more time reading and gaming then I do cooking. On the other hand taking five experimental approaches based on books and games is hard. You can experiment a lot easier with food. This brief is time sensitive so I need something that I can easily work with and produce ideas quickly. (13 days and counting) I had studio shoot yesterday where I photographed some food ideas with the mamiya we used in a  workshop a couple of weeks back and the shoot went well.

I think food is probably the best option. I really enjoyed my food project from last year and would love to build on it. I could always combine my interests. I could make game decorated cookies.