Wednesday, 30 September 2015

All of the rain!

So I have been keeping a close eye on the weather due to my portraits being shot on location. I am all for a little drizzle, in fact I would encourage drizzle for some of my shoots. It is not going to drizzle though. It is going to pour buckets. Not only would that render my home-made fog machine useless but I cannot expect my model and assistants to stand out in the rain for however long it will take to get the shot. I am going to have to wait the weather out and concentrate on my landscapes and what little still lifes I can do till my props arrive. My cloak has arrived, the crown is almost finished. I have collected the rocks I need for one still life from the location I will be shooting at and the gauze and lantern are on there way. I am definitely making progress but I have feeling if next weeks weather continues I am going to have to re-think a few things.

Monday, 28 September 2015

So we are all going to the forest?

I had a group meeting today after the PAL workshops on reflective journals and visual logbooks to discuss potential locations and who needs help with assisting on their shoots. I hopefully have a tester shoot planned tomorrow afternoon after the lecture to just see how the models clothes move and how the colours of the cloak react to different types of light. I am personally still waiting on a few props before I can get going with some of the shoots. Due to this I will be focusing on the landscape images and some of the still life. I plan to take things from the location I am shooting on and use props from the portraits and combine them and use them to create the still life images in the studio. Hopefully the still life should replicate the tone/colour and mood of the landscapes and portraits to still life, as well as the continuation of the props and items bought from location. 

Where's the dance studio?

So I had my first group critic of the year a few days ago. I think it went really well. It was really nice to get back into a group and bounce ideas of each other and soundboard what we thought might work. I feel I got a lot out of it and am considering changing the direction my work is currently going ever so slightly. I am still using elements as a core theme, but am going to branch out into the subject. A lot of my props have been bought and are on the way in the post so I am hoping I will have at least one partial shoot or a pre-shoot done for the next group crit. I don't have a laptop  and due to the dance studio I couldn't display my work as I couldn't connect to the internet. I felt like I hadn't accurately expressed what it was I was trying to do and accomplish. I am hoping have a print out might help me better articulate what it is I am trying to do for next week. 

Chia, what now?

So for the first day of uni we went over the basics of lighting and then onto HMI.  Even though the workshop was pretty early for a first day back I felt I got a lot out of it. I learnt about HMI lighting which I got to play around with a really liked. It was interesting to learn about manipulating a constant light source. My group worked with a particular lighting technique called chiaroscuro, which was used a lot by Rembrandt.

We were looking at quality and quantity of light as well as how using ND grad gels changes quantity not quality. We also looked at why the shadows became harder as you moved the light away, not close, as well as learning to tether. 

Friday, 4 September 2015

Where did the summer go?!

So I had my first PAL meeting for this term. I cannot believe I will be back at uni full time next week. I don't know where the summer went. I've spent a lot of time this summer working on my photoshop skills which I am hoping will help me out for this year. I have also found so many new amazing artists, a lot of which have instagram profiles. I have never really tried twitter or instagram despite most people I know having them. I understand why it's important for business and it's a good tool for getting your work out there and noticed. It has just always seemed really superficial to me, especially facebook. Not in terms of photography but the inaccurate representation it gives of other peoples lives. This is probably why I have never really wanted to utilize them the way I should from a photography point of view. I did however find these three instagram profiles over the summer that I completely fell in love with. If having a profile means I get to follow these sorts of artists and businesses then I might need to get one.