Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The list!

So I was told today by another student that I actually genuinely have to list what I've done for the exhibition and figured the quickest way would be to literally bullet point it. 

  • Liaison between council and uni.
  • Found the undercroft venue
  • Looked at castle mall venues with Laurie. 
  • Point of contact with council - many phone calls and emails.
  • Main source of undercroft information and council guidelines for uni.
  • Go between head of finance and council.
  • I secured NUA public liability insurance alongside Samantha.
  • I secured health and safety plans and got the exhibition approved alongside Samantha. 
  • Completed all paperwork for the council - 18 sections with several sub sections.
  • Helped come up with alternative wall ideas - fences. 
  • Secured Tim's wall alongside venue team.
  • Spent nine plus hours with venue team on floor plan.
  • Collected posters and flyers from Zac and took them to Kirstie.
  • Many meetings with Samantha, Sean and Chris over Easter break
  • Attended venue meetings.
  • Had many Facebook chats with venue leaders to resolve venue problems.
  • Got council to tweet about our exhibition.
  • Helped Sean measure doors for fences.
  • Helped plan layout and set-up.
  • Helped hang work and helped with deadline - 11 hour day
  • Was at the undercroft 9 days in a row leading up to opening night - These days were generally between 9 and 12 hours long alongside venue team.
  • Helped set dates.
  • Helped with fence hanging issues.
  • Made sure tutors had info to send out to pupils on the intranet.
  • Posted on Facebook so students knew what was going on.
  • Made announcements before peer evaluations about the exhibition at uni.
  • Am the key holder for the undercroft.
  • I will be cleaning the venue as needed whilst we are open.
  • I will be helping Tim take down his wall
  • Helped with cost list
  • Found out who was medically qualified and made sure we had a St. Johns Ambulance kit.
  • Taking down fences, clearing work, fixing walls and cleaning the undercroft for three days before we close down.
  • I managed to obtain tables for the undercroft for people with installations with tutors help.
  • Went into the undercroft at 7am to wash glasses.
  • Served wine for both VIP nights with Samantha.
  • Answered various questions and queries from all students for duration of the exhibition. 
  • Went to the undercroft out of hours - before 9am and after 6pm to let people in to for work.

Samantha Cameron photography - instagram

Samantha Cameron photography - instagram

Samantha Cameron photography - instagram

Thursday, 7 May 2015

So is that a2 or a3?

Firstly I need to apologise for not having any posts on here lately. One, to my tutors. I know this is a requirement and counts as part of my grade. I really am trying to keep up with it. And second, to you guys who aren't my tutors who for some unknown reason are reading this. I've been hectically busy but like I said before, this counts towards my grade so I need to find time for it.

I feel like I've been doing nothing but the exhibition recently. Thank whomever and whatever that there is such a fantastic venue team. I honestly believe if it weren't for Sean, Samantha, Elizabeth and Zac I might have been found one night crying and hugging a bottle of wine to my chest. The constant meetings with Sean, Chris and Samantha over the holidays where I always came with nothing but a list of problems much have been such a downer. I don’t think I ever came with good news, solutions maybe, but never a list of good news. My Facebook messages are nothing but messages between this lot as well as Karolina, Kirstie, Kerry and Kamilia. When this is all over I vow to send these guys a message with nothing to do with this exhibition. I cannot remember the last time we just said hello to each other casually.

Maybe it was just blind optimism but I honestly didn't think the paperwork for the exhibition would take so much time up. I thought I would fill it out, send it and that would be that. I didn't anticipate the hours of my life that would be wasted away on the phone or typing emails. Mistake learned.

The floor plan which Samantha, Sean, Elizabeth, Laurie, Karolina, Zac and I furiously worked on for over nine hours was hellish. Never has my brain been so tired from crunching numbers. Never have I seen something as simple (or not simple as we found out) as a floor plan leave so many people stressed and tired. If I ever hear the words a2 or a3 again it will be too soon.

Samantha and Elizabeth have been amazing team leaders. If there was a problem these two along with Sean and Zac found the solution. If graphs needed to be made, Elizabeth made them. When posts needed to be sent out Samantha made sure they were sent out. She always got the minutes up. They both kept everyone informed. They made sure everything was fair and everyone’s voice was heard. They deserve a long, quiet peaceful night with no Facebook notifications and many shots of tequila. 

Laurie needs a huge mention for that damn waste management plan. Have you ever had to make a waste management plan for an exhibition? It's oddly complicated. Surely you just put rubbish in a bin and then take the bin out, right? Wrong! 

There are still just so many people to mention. People I have probably forgotten to mention. Vicky for the fundraising. I mean seriously, without those guys we wouldn't even be able to pay for anything. Amy who I'm sure must have updated that cost list about 100 times. I know I'm supposed to talk about what I've done and tell you what I've contributed to the group, but I feel it’s impossible to say I helped with a floor plan or put my signature on a document without mentioning everyone who’s been working tirelessly away for this exhibition. These people have made sure that everyone gets as good a place as any for their work. They've made sure that we can actually pay for the exhibition. They've made sure we have the materials we need. They made paperwork and floor plans a breeze to what it could have been.

Part of me thinks I may have compromised my university work because of the time I've spent on the exhibition. I'm sure a lot of people I've mentioned here and not mentioned here feel the same way. I'm sure they’re just as stressed and worried about getting the work done. However I'm not worried about the exhibition. Yes, there is so much more to do and very few days to do it in, but if these people put as much effort into the next few days as I know they have in the last few weeks, I have no doubt the exhibition will go off without a hitch.