Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Interim Self-Evaluation: 4pm Wed. 15th April
Student Name: Niki Antell

Group: 1
BA3: Task 3    Group Exhibition

1.   Identify your roles within your exhibition team so far, your strengths and areas for improvement.

My role so far in the exhibition team has been the liaison between the university and the county council. I found a space called The Undercroft and when the group voted on that as being our primary choice I then contacted the council and have been in charge of all the paperwork since then. This has meant numerous meetings with the venue team, council and university finance department. I had to fill out the Undercroft hiring form, sort out insurance, finance, health and safety. Anything for the exhibition had to be run through me so I could add it to the council form and get it signed off by the council. Basically any kind of paperwork, and as contact to the council it’s my job to feed everything back to the group leaders and project managers. This also meant when faced with the problem of the building being grade 2 listed and therefore unable to altered in any way the team had to come up with an alternative mounting method where I came up with the idea of fencing as it was cheaper than building fake walls.

2.   Identify how you can improve the areas for improvement.

I could have maybe been more involved in other aspects of the exhibition like fundraising or media. However before and over the Easter holidays I have been mainly focused on all the paperwork and making sure we meet council guidelines. Being more involved in other groups and aspects is something I plan to do after all the paperwork has been approved.

3.   To what extent do you feel you have effectively collaborated within your team so far?
     To what extent do you feel you have contributed and engaged as part of the team?

I think in terms of contractibility and keeping the group in the loop I have achieved this. However my role wasn’t particularly group orientated. Apart from council meetings where I teamed up with numerous people I worked mainly by myself as all the paperwork is in my name. However any decision, change of plan, or change in paperwork meetings were set up and we dealt with them as group. Any kind of health and safety meeting I teamed up with the group leaders as well as project managers. I feel I contributed and engaged with the team when problems arose such as the fake wall mounting.

4.   Have you attended every team meeting and project development session?

No I haven’t turned up to every meeting. I have missed two in total. I will ensure this doesn’t happen again by better time management. The meetings I did miss I told people ahead of time. I ensured that someone else had all the details and could speak no my behalf and let the group know where we were with the exhibition paperwork.

5.   To what extent do you feel there have been any barriers so far to your input into the project?
How might you have worked better?

I feel like the paperwork and council liaison has taken up so much of my time I couldn’t contribute to other areas like fundraising and media. This is something I’m going to work on though once everything with the council has been signed off on and I have a bit more free time to give to other areas of the exhibition.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

I literally don't have enough food.

I had my first one to one of the term today. I eventually came to the conculsion that even with the worlds best time management I probably can't get all the photographs I want to do done before hand in. It makes me a tad sad really, however it is my own fault. I picked an impossibly time consuming subject. There has been times where I have cooked something and it has taken me so long to set up and style the area that by the time I'm ready the sun has either shifted or the food has wilted into an awfully, unappealing mess. This means I have to pick less time consuming cooking, or buy things ready made. It's not surprising I'm having difficulty. Normally you would have a food stylist and a home economist doing this all for you. You wouldn't have to worry about buying more food props, or how forks look, does your mixing bowl match the aesthetics of the overall image? I wanted to pick something I have never tried before and would really test me and push me to think and learn new skills. I definitely picked the right subject, however maybe I've stretched myself too far? I've been so concentrated on the exhibition I've put my university work to the side for a few weeks. I'm starting to regret that now. 

Wednesday, 1 April 2015


I have always wanted to hike the PCT. I feel like this would be a pretty great way to combine work with something I've always wanted to do. Maybe a post-graduation trip. 

Come on brain!

It's been a little quiet on here lately, sorry about that. I have a university work blocked brain. I can't get past my ideas phase. I have some ideas, but I'm not happy with any of them. They just don't seem right. I've been so concentrated on the exhibition and making sure the council have everything they need I put university work on the back burner for a couple of weeks. Now it's Easter break and the venue meetings and council meetings have stopped I just can't seem to get into my work. I tried taking a couple of days off and doing nothing in particular but my brain is just full of fluff and not co-operating.