Wednesday, 18 March 2015

You decided to do what now?

So I decided to do a food styling photography based module for university a little while ago. However it has only just now come to my attention that my oven is broken. My oven has been dead for several months now. (my landlady doesn't like to fix things.) Due to this little problem I have become the queen of making dinner, baking grill cakes and cooking an entire roast dinner on three hob rings and a grill tray. Yet somehow I forgot the annoyance I go through every night and gave myself a food photography module to complete. I don't know what happened to the train of thought that led to me thinking food was a good idea, or what happened to my brain that led me to forget about my oven. I think the blonde that is the colour of my hair is finally messing with my brain. 

Ira Glass.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The Undercroft.

My contribution to the Y1 exhibition has been the venue. I found a location called The Undercroft which is in the centre of Norwich, underneath the war memorial next to the market.

  • Niki Antell I found a place called the undecroft, it's right in the city centre, underneath the market. Sometimes NNF use it for the festival but someone I know working there thinks it might be free.24 February at 15:42 · Edited · Like ·
  •   cool Niki Antell I had this on the list - do you have a contact that can be put next to it - don't worry if not  I've been dying to use this space for something. For anyone not familiar it's AMAZING!24 February at 15:47 · Edited · Like · 3

    Niki Antell Yep, here you go. - NCC contact:Clare Hubery, 01603 212241
  • Here's all the info like risk assessments, cost, entrance ways. - 

  • After finding the location I contacted the city council and gained all the specifications and guidelines. 

Dear Niki,
Following our conversation yesterday please find attached the guidelines for using the Undercroft and also the application form. If you would like to meet to discuss your proposed exhibition then please let me know.

After reading through all the information I then wrote up a list and posted it on the group page on facebook. It lists the possible problems for hiring the venue out. the group meeting was on the 10/03/15

So having gone through all the specifications and guidelines that I was sent today these are a few of the things that we need to decide how we want to tackle if we still want to go ahead with the undercroft. The application process time takes a while (2 weeks, then a site visit and meeting, we then need to submit a final risk management, fire and site plans for approval.)

1. The maximum number of people in the space at any one time is 60.

2. It was confirmed that as The Undercroft is a grade 2 listed building there can be no alterations to the fabric of the building including holes drilled in walls. (We can however use the ones in place and mount fake walls for our work to hang on.)

3.The Undercroft is not fitted with a smoke alarm. Where electrical equipment is installed it may be necessary to attach smoke detectors. These must be checked weekly and recorded. (extra cost and we cannot install themselves, we have to get a qualified person in)

4. The £277.41 (£13 per day) does not include electricity. We will be charged for electrical costs and electrician time as well as being responsible for any costs and the additional building rates accrued during this time.The hirer will also be charged for electricity used. Power is available but is limited (max 16amp)

Personally due to the limited number of people we can get into the building for opening night I can't see it working. Our opening night guests would have to queue outside in the cold. A good 10/15 out of the 60 would already be accounted for due to curators for opening night, project leaders, caterers if we're doing food. If we invite any special guests they would need to go first and be prioritised. We would have to constantly ask people to leave so we can bring another set in. Combined with all the extra costs I think we might be better off looking for a place that allows us and our opening guests in all at once. When you start to add up all the extra fees the undercroft isn't as cheap as it seems. We also run a massive risk of being a month or so into the process and our fire safety plans being failed, or site plans or any of the other things we need to do in order for the application process to happen. We could potentially due to this process, end up having to cancel our exhibition if our plans are not approved and re-done in time.

Ideally if we want to go ahead and we can work with these issues we should try to get it in by the end of the week. I can also ring previous exhibitions that have been held at the undercroft and ask for their fire safety plans so we at least have something to work with.

Despite the problems it was decided in the meeting that we should still go ahead with the venue due to time constraints. Laurie Snell and I decided to share the paper work and meetings with the council.