Friday, 27 February 2015

Where do you draw the line?

I have spent the day thinking about how I would carefully word this. I'm still not sure how I feel about my lecture this morning, or how to appropriately articulate how I am feeling. 

I had a guest lecture today. There were graphic images in the lecture. I have absolutely no problem seeing the male or female form. I did not have a problem with the fact that the model was naked. I have a problem because there was no announcement. There was no slide before the power point began that warned me, or the other students about the graphic nature of the photographs. I feel that as the guest lecturer was a person of academic position and responsible for the care of students they have been placed with that they should have known better. I also feel that the excuse of "we are art students", does not justify not having a notification.  

The work also showed photographs and discussed scaring and deforming the body, which there was no warning for either. To say you would like to reconstruct your face to make it look a certain way to a group of students where some people do have scaring or physical impairment I feel was a gross and misguided judgement. 

 I have no problem viewing the female or male form. There's needs to be an announcement though. To tell people with scarring you think it's cool and freaky and you would like to have someone do that to you is a step over the line.

Saturday, 21 February 2015


I'm so excited about getting stuck into the new unit on Monday

Task 1
Use your favourite images as a starting point to generate your creative ideas and produce at least 8 photographic images. The final outcome must be the result of your exploration of creative thought process and experimentations with a range of variables including materials, techniques and processes.

Now the only problem I have is picking my favourite images. 

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Dave Waddell.

When I was younger I used to live in America. I miss it a lot, when I see photographs of Maine coastline, Vermont, Massachusetts bay it makes me a little home sick. I feel a bit odd saying that, especially as I've spent much more of my life living in England, but there we go. One of the things I always wanted to go and see and photograph was the west coast. In particular Oregon coastline, the redwoods in California and the Hoh rainforest in the Olympic nation park. Whilst browsing the National Geographic traveller photo contest of 2014 I came across a photographer who had done just that. Travelled South to North along the 101 western coastline highway. 

I'm a tad jealous.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Fleur Olby

A little while ago during a one to one Fleur Olby was mentioned to me. Her "Colour from Black" series is something I really wanted to incorporate into my Remix project. Unfortunately her work wasn't available in the library. It upset me because this was something I really wanted to try and copy for the project. I think it would have taken a lot of work and really challenged me. Hopefully I can use her work in another brief. 

Friday, 6 February 2015

Irving Penn Remix.

I was really looking forward to this workshop. I'm replicating Irvin Penn's work in my own remix unit so to get a chance to try and do that with a group of people was a stroke of luck. What I hadn't anticipated was how hard getting the shadows right was would be. First the black drop was destroyed and the grey back drop had holes and ripples in the paper which our group couldn't get fixed. It was a shame as I really would have liked to work with the black back drop. 

The first one the back drop is too bright. There should be a gradual gradient going from left to right. The shadows on the face aren't right either. 

Here the shadows on the face are better but the back drop is still too light on the left hand side. 

Shadow on the chin is better but the back drop again is too bright.

Shadows on the face are good, captured on both sides. Again the back drop is too bright. The session ended here so the group ran out of time but I was happy with the result in terms of the subject. The back drop although going from left to right and getting brighter is okay, it's nowhere near close to the photograph of Al Pacino. 

Inés Dümig.

I found this photographer the other day and had an interesting little conversation with a fellow student about her work. The photographs are beautifully captured, both haunting and vulnerable. 
Her work is stuck in my head.

I need Lego!!

These photographs are adorable and it makes me want to do my own personal mini story with lego people. Maybe in my next unit I can. 

Have a great weekend everyone. I'll be going to the castle and spending Saturday trying to replicate Duane Michals and Irving Penn for my remix uni project.


Wednesday, 4 February 2015

So is it the library or the internet?

I had my one to one recently which was helpful beyond belief in terms of research work. I was given a lot of photographers I could look into, but this is where a problem arose. My brief says the research must be entirely library based, yet I was told I could use the internet and photographs from there to back myself up. The brief says otherwise though. Plus the books I wanted have either been taken out already or the library doesn't have them. The forum library doesn't have them either. So now i am sat here wondering if it is okay to use the internet to back the research up. Is it okay to print screen the library catalogue that says the book is in the library and then use internet images because the book isn't available? 

Monday, 2 February 2015

The next three weeks!!!

So I have a lovely little peer assessment coming up soon. In perpetration for this I must explain and identify what I shall be doing for the next three weeks. This week is all about getting to my appointments and gathering all the props for the later half of the week. The next two to three days I have one to ones, florist meetings, assessments, lectures and a few house calls to grab some props. Wednesday onwards will be shooting. The weekend will be spent editing and reviewing and then back to the library on Monday. Monday will be spent in the library gathering research and then the week will follow the same as the one before it with shoots and editing. Monday and Tuesday after that will be spent going over everything, spell checking, reviewing, final editing tweaks. Printing Wednesday, final review Thursday and then hand in Friday. 

And how will I achieve all this I hear you ask tutors, well, a lot of very carefully planned shoots and a few back up days just in case in at all goes wrong. I've given a hour or two each side of a shoot due to the nature of some of the objects I have to photograph. However this extra time shouldn't be needed as meetings have been put in place to make sure all the props are as close to the original objects as possible. This is also why the last Monday and Tuesday are for reviewing, if I find anything wrong on Monday or a shoot has fallen through I have allowed two days to fix and re-shoot if needs be. This still leaves Wednesday, Thursday and even some of Friday morning to print, review and finalise everything.

It's going to be a hectic couple of weeks.