Monday, 7 December 2015

Why isn't my syrup being syrupy?!

Today has been a highly rewarding but frustrating day. I had no idea that photographing syrup could be so hard. Did you know that it sort of stops being syrupy? I spent most of the time pouring it over different flavoured waffles I'd made, and then having to re-do it a couple of minuets later. I also slightly froze the berries used in the shoot. The redcurrants were just a little too squishy so I wanted to freeze them up a bit for handling. I like the finished photograph but I feel like something is missing from the image. Maybe it's because it's not what I would necessarily want to shoot. To me food is an over-indulgent, messy, happy thing. It's about a bunch of people around a table with too much food and too much wine (if there even is such a thing) Due to having to have five different approaches, this approach was supposed to be clean with minimal background props going on. Just the plate of food. Maybe that is the problem. If I had my way the table would be covered in plates of waffles piled high with fruit and syrup. There would glasses of juice, utensils lying around and linens tucked under tableware. It would be a family breakfast table full of all the hecticness that comes with having a family breakfast. 

Maybe I will do that shoot anyway. 

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Things...I like things.

Our new brief states that we must take five different experimental approaches to a chosen subject. That subject can be anything, but it should be something that we like or enjoy doing. A hobby or an interest of some kind.

I have eventually boiled it down to three things;




On one hand I probably spend more time reading and gaming then I do cooking. On the other hand taking five experimental approaches based on books and games is hard. You can experiment a lot easier with food. This brief is time sensitive so I need something that I can easily work with and produce ideas quickly. (13 days and counting) I had studio shoot yesterday where I photographed some food ideas with the mamiya we used in a  workshop a couple of weeks back and the shoot went well.

I think food is probably the best option. I really enjoyed my food project from last year and would love to build on it. I could always combine my interests. I could make game decorated cookies. 

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

What is your approach to moving image?

So even though I completed this writing task on time and submitted it online, I forgot to post it here before deadline day like all the other writing tasks because I am a idiot. 

I am complete novice to moving image work. I haven’t ever shot film before, however since the lecture on the third of November I do believe there are several techniques I can take from photography and apply them to film. I have also tried to take on workshop advice such as story boarding your film piece beforehand.

Due to being new to moving image I have tried not to over-complicate my thirty second moving image piece. It only has one actor and diegetic sound. There is no talking so no script is needed. There are a series of no more than three to four second shots pieced together. Since watching these moving images pieces I have decided to cut some of the camera movement. A lot of the work here is with a stationary camera and I feel now some of my camera movement is unnecessary. That is not to say I will not have some camera movement in my film piece, but I feel like some of it was just added because I felt I had to have movement, not because it actually benefited my film piece in any way. 

Steffen Jahn - Back stage film pieces on shooting with car brands such a BMW. The second film I have seen where there is camera movement. I am starting to notice a trend, there is little to no camera movement in the film pieces shot for adverts, but a lot of back stage film pieces. This is making me re-think my own video piece and do I realistically need all those added camera movement shots for the sake of just adding them. 

Antti Vittala – His work is very simple. Generally stationary camera with the models and landscapes moving around him rather than using the camera. Works mainly in black and white. The first video is the only one to be shot in a studio. Moonrise, the third film, is a short time lapse. The camera is again stationary but the movement of the stars gives the illusion of movement in the camera. 

Ian Boddy – Stationary camera for a lot of his work. If you look at the video “Dress Up!” and “Gym Class Heroes”  the camera never moves at all, the kids run around it. Does several back stage films pieces. The work is all very colourful and shooting into some sort of light source. You really get a sense of fun from his videos. They are mainly adverts for Woolsworth and Boden.

J. Konrad Schmidt – Generally experimental videos on fabric or an item of clothing. Slow movement shots. Another stationary camera shot piece. “Black is the colour of my true loves hair” is the first video I have seen in these six photographers to actually have any camera movement. It was a back stage film piece. 

Steve Hoskins – Again more stationary camera work. Slow movement on dog licking their noses. Pro Purina cat food adverts as well as for dogs. These have camera movement in them, a lot of panning. These is also a film of the sea by Steve Hoskins based on the book by Melissa Bailey.

Mark Mawson -  Little to no camera movement in these film pieces either. Really love the first two colour films. It was very similar to what I was going to do for my film piece with my original idea. The third video is very interesting because it has digitally been done with the make-up cases. The only video to have any camera movement are the last two with the female models. 

Monday, 9 November 2015

So I found this book...

So after writing how uninspired I feel about uni and work in general I came across this book. What I thought was hilarious (due to the fact I was rambling about how uninspired I was ) is that the photography book is on Iceland. Iceland is a place I have wanted to go to for years. Like really, really want to go to. Like annoy the crap out of everyone who knows me because I mention so much about how much I want to go.  Not only that but the photographer, Tim Rudman, mainly uses a Mamiya 645. I fell head over heels in love with the Mamiya during the workshop today. To the point where I am genuinely considering selling my kidney to buy one.

I will definitely be going to the exhibition which will be held spring 2016!

I just don't feel like writing anything down.

I know that this is part of the course and we are graded on this blog, but I just haven't been able to find any motivation to write on here recently. Maybe it's all the essay writing. Maybe it's because I feel a little stressed about work, but every time I come on here to write something my mind draws a blank and I save a rambling post to my draft folder. I have a landscape shoot tomorrow and then a still life shoot on Wednesday. I am still sifting through AOP photographers trying to find ones who produce moving image work for the next essay. I bought some more props today for the shoot on Wednesday.

See, rambling. 

Friday, 6 November 2015

What does a still life mean to you?

Still life, to me, is somewhat ambiguous. If you look at old paintings the vast majority are all an arrangements of objects, mainly fruits and flowers. It is a work of art of an inanimate object, or objects. If you were to take a painting of a bowl of fruit, I would say that is a still life. If you were to show my photograph of a bowl of fruit I would say that is food photography. I still know the photograph is a still life, but my first thought is not to say it's a still life, but rather a genre of a photography that is encompassed by still life.

I feel that still life took a back seat when I first started my project. I knew straight away how I wanted to link it to my work, but in terms of design, layout and lighting amongst other things, it was the last of the three parts (landscape, portrait and still life) I shot. This is because I knew how I wanted to link it, therefore I felt concentrating on my other three subject areas was more pressing. I knew I wanted a very natural, organic feel to the images. I wanted to include as much of the props I was using in my portraits and objects from my landscapes in the still life. I have found working in the studio to be somewhat of a hindrance, I really don't want to use artificial light for my still life photographs. Both my landscapes, portraits and film piece are shot outside therefore I feel that shooting my still life in the studio does not match. That is not to say that I can't make them visually coherent in the studio. I would say I am very methodical with the layout. I will practice at home laying everything out, taking multiple shots, seeing what works and what doesn't. It will take me anywhere from an half an hour to an afternoon, sometimes a day to try out various styled settings before I am happy with how I want one image to look. I spent a large amount of time on my first still life shoot getting the lighting right due to the fact I wanted to look as though it had been shot with natural light from my window. 

I like the simplicity. Ariel view like my own still life work. Interesting use of colour for the lobster. The ice and metal tray give the photograph an interesting texture.

I really like the colour. Similar to what I wanted to do with flour and smoke for my first project idea. Reminded me of Scott Grommitt’s work with the drums and flour. Could be used to represent something like the Holi festival. Could also be used to advertise for tv. I like the use of negative space. 

I like the way the leaves have taken shape. The shadows make the simple object seem much more interesting. I personally do not like the image, however it does make you see the object in a different way and makes you think about it. 

Very simple in colour. It’s minimalistic and has an almost clinical feel to it. The tree really draws your attention due to the colour. Reminds me of Thomas Demands work. 

Much like Vera Kodajova's work. I like elements of the photograph, but overall do not like the photograph itself. I don’t like the lighting of the fruit, it does not look appealing. However I do like the sugar strands.

Similar to Richard Kolker, minimalistic, simple. Almost like an advert in a magazine before text is added on the page. Makes you question what the object is. Interesting gradient background. The object is slightly off putting, a little ominous. 

Thursday, 29 October 2015

What is your approach to your landscape?

I would say I started as a landscape photographer when I first got into photography. I wasn't interested in commercial photography or fashion. I liked to go out and capture wildlife and views of the countryside. I believe due to this background I approach landscape photography very methodically. I am very used to planning a shoot for several days and coming back with no usable photographs. I spend a lot of time researching the area and weather. I will typically visit the place I want to shoot at least once, preferably twice. Another reason I will scout out my location first is because I mainly shoot landscapes at either sunrise or sunset due to the light. The day I want to shoot on I like knowing exactly where I need to be to catch the sun where I would like it. I typically want to get there earlier than I need to have time to set-up and adjust position if need be. I think you can see this frame of mind illustrated in my reflective journal over several entries where I talk through my planning, and in some of the entries state why the shoots have failed or succeeded. I think my final images also represent this frame of mind as my still lifes will consist of photographs of a desk with maps and routes (plus other items and materials) to the location I will actually be shooting my portraits and landscapes in.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

What does a portrait mean to you?

To me, a portrait does not specifically mean a person needs to be involved in the photograph. For instance you can take a photograph of a flower and a photography of a family and despite being different subject matters they still consist of all the elements that amount to a portrait. However a typical portrait would normally consist of a painting/drawing or photograph of a person’s head and shoulders.

(portrait pinterest board)

I do feel that the subject (human or not) does need to be the main focus of the photograph. This is something I feel like I have challenged with Elizabeth Gadd’s work in my visual logbook. It is something I am trying to challenge myself in my own work for this project as none of my portraits include a visible face. The models head is either not in the photograph or the head is turned away so you cannot see the models face. This would typically not amount to a portrait if you look at its standard definition, however I feel that it does not have to conform to its standard definition to be a portrait.

(mousehold heath initial portrait shoot)

Friday, 16 October 2015

I Just Want Walnut.

So I am looking at buying materials and putting together my backdrop for the studio shoot which will hopefully be happening next week. I started of looking at wood reclamation yards but it's pretty costly. After talking to someone I know who is currently building a workshop in their back yard they said I was better off looking elsewhere. I am going to go down to the market this weekend and see if I can pick up any old wood pallets, if not I will be buying plywood. I will distress the wood and then hopefully stain it walnut. I had no idea you could get so many different kinds of walnut wood stain. I honestly don't understand how there can be so many different variations, so I will have to buy some sample pots and test the different ones out. I was thinking I might even try out Annie Sloan chalk paint.   

Monday, 12 October 2015

Change of plans.

So last night whilst I was working I came to the conclusion that my shoots just aren't working the way I would like them to go.I have been on several shoots and there are just not coming together. I think if I had more time I could maybe re-work a few aspects and would have more money to rent out other pieces of equipment, but I don't. Due to this I think I will be altering my ideas slightly. I am going to give my initial ideas one more go tomorrow morning, but if I come away with no final images I will be moving on to a slightly different idea.  

 I think it will make it easier on me and I believe that I can get it done for November. I have been constantly worrying that I wouldn't be able to finish my first initial ideas. With five shoots so far and nothing to show for it I think I have made the right call by altering my portraits and changing the colours I will be going for in my landscapes slightly. I feel it's a bit more coherent and less can go wrong. I will of course be keeping all the work I have done in my visual logbook, but there will now be a large added section for my portraits and slight change in my landscapes if the shoot tomorrow morning doesn't go as planned. 

Friday, 9 October 2015


So I hit a rough patch. I don’t know if it’s because it’s my first project and I'm still getting used to the work load, or I'm just in a run of bad luck. Probably both. I felt pretty bad after my group crit yesterday. I don’t know if I'm not articulating myself properly, or maybe it’s because I don’t have a final image (just test shoots) so it’s hard for people to visualise what I'm talking about. I feel like I'm hitting my head on mountain of work and it’s just not coming together. I keep looking at each slide and telling myself, what do I want to say on this slide? What is the central theme? How do I clearly and concisely say how this relates to my work? What about these slides are people not understanding? I keep telling myself it is fine my last few shoots haven’t gone to plan. I still have time. I can get all this done. I am going to concentrate on going through each slide again and making sure it’s clear and concise today. I am also going to plan for my Saturday and Sunday shoot. It says there should be mist tomorrow morning. Sunday is looking less likely but I am hoping with my back-up idea I should get at least one final image from this weekend.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Camera Problems.

I feel I am a little behind on final photographs. I am going on shoots. I became a test shoot queen last week and this one, but I have yet to produce one final image. Yesterday there was news of storm brewing over the coast so I went to Holkham to do a shoot. The weather forecast was good weather Thursday onwards so I didn't want to miss the opportunity. The storm never hit, in fact it was a lovely day. It was warm, sunny and the beach was pretty empty. It was all still okay, I could wait for the clouds to pass. They did not pass until I was in the car half way back home but it was still okay because I thought I got at least one image I could use. Now I thoroughly clean my equipment before and after a shoot. The filters I had been loaned were a bit dusty but I also cleaned them before using them. I spent a few hours shooting, reviewing, some of the images looked okay. I noticed on one of them there was a clear purple dot, but the others seemed fine. I wiped my camera and filters thinking it was a bit of dirt. Maybe I got a bit of lens flare. I sort of brushed it off as I couldn't see the dot on any of the other photographs. I got home, un-packed and downloaded the photographs. This morning I get up to edit them and there is this weird dot on every long exposure I have taken. It's very, very faint. Purlpish in colour. It's why I didn't see it on playback. I couldn't figure out what it was. I knew it wasn't because the equipment was dirty, it couldn't be the sun because it was in roughly the same place each time. I resorted to Google. It was a light leak. A light leak. My camera light leak'd on me. I am going to take it into a store and figure out if there is anything I can do. I am used to going out and photographing landscapes and coming back with nothing. It happens, it's part of the landscape photography deal. To waste a shot like this annoys me. Does it mean I can't use my camera? Am I cameraless? If so how am I going to work around it? My deadline is looming and with no final images yet and a light leaking camera with long exposures how am I going to complete the brief on time? I am going to see if I can fix the camera and probably take the rest of the day to come up with some sort of plan.

Monday, 5 October 2015

What's up with trains on a Sunday?

So there was no fog! I also didn't come out with any shots I liked at all. I also woke up feeling terrible this morning. Not only have I had to miss my workshop on Premiere but I also missed out on a lift to Cromer due to feeling unwell. Norwich is due a thunderstorm tomorrow at 4pm, whilst Thetford is due one 5pm. I can't get to Thetford even though that is my preferred location. If I am feeling better I will hopefully get a nice storm shot of Norwich from Mousehold Heath. Then Wednesday a thunderstorm should start at around 10am at Cromer and finish off somewhere over Brundall. Brundall is supposed to get the worst of it, but I feel the coast would be a better setting and fit for my project. Norfolk transport is the worst, it's literally the only place I know of where trains do not run to the coast except Cromer and Sheringham. What about Blakeney, Wells or Holkham? What about Morston? It has seal trips, yet no one can get to them. (unless of course you are blessed to own a car.) It takes one train and two buses to get to Holkham yet they run at slightly different times so it take like three hours to get there. What if you miss one? What if one of them is late? I like Holkham, but I don't want to be stranded there in the rain. I do not understand Norfolk transport.

Friday, 2 October 2015

The weather warning is yellow!!

So I spent the day re-searching the weather for the next two weeks and where I can reasonably get to during uni. I noticed tomorrow morning has a yellow warning for fog so I have been frantically re-searching how to get to either Mousehold heath or the UEA grounds. UEA is a long walk at 5am so I think I shall go with Mousehold. I want a wooded area and UEA seems to be lacking any sort of woods, or maybe that's Google maps. I don't know. I have never been to either. Here's hoping the weather warning isn't for nothing and there is actually some form of fog. That would suck, wouldn't it? To walk all that way to have no fog and because tomorrow will be cloudy no real sunrise either. I miss when I used to live in Cardiff or up north near Scotland. I could literally step out my front door and I would be in miles of woods, fields or beaches. I'm not saying Norfolk doesn't have those things, it does. It's just they are damn near inaccessible without a car.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

All of the rain!

So I have been keeping a close eye on the weather due to my portraits being shot on location. I am all for a little drizzle, in fact I would encourage drizzle for some of my shoots. It is not going to drizzle though. It is going to pour buckets. Not only would that render my home-made fog machine useless but I cannot expect my model and assistants to stand out in the rain for however long it will take to get the shot. I am going to have to wait the weather out and concentrate on my landscapes and what little still lifes I can do till my props arrive. My cloak has arrived, the crown is almost finished. I have collected the rocks I need for one still life from the location I will be shooting at and the gauze and lantern are on there way. I am definitely making progress but I have feeling if next weeks weather continues I am going to have to re-think a few things.

Monday, 28 September 2015

So we are all going to the forest?

I had a group meeting today after the PAL workshops on reflective journals and visual logbooks to discuss potential locations and who needs help with assisting on their shoots. I hopefully have a tester shoot planned tomorrow afternoon after the lecture to just see how the models clothes move and how the colours of the cloak react to different types of light. I am personally still waiting on a few props before I can get going with some of the shoots. Due to this I will be focusing on the landscape images and some of the still life. I plan to take things from the location I am shooting on and use props from the portraits and combine them and use them to create the still life images in the studio. Hopefully the still life should replicate the tone/colour and mood of the landscapes and portraits to still life, as well as the continuation of the props and items bought from location. 

Where's the dance studio?

So I had my first group critic of the year a few days ago. I think it went really well. It was really nice to get back into a group and bounce ideas of each other and soundboard what we thought might work. I feel I got a lot out of it and am considering changing the direction my work is currently going ever so slightly. I am still using elements as a core theme, but am going to branch out into the subject. A lot of my props have been bought and are on the way in the post so I am hoping I will have at least one partial shoot or a pre-shoot done for the next group crit. I don't have a laptop  and due to the dance studio I couldn't display my work as I couldn't connect to the internet. I felt like I hadn't accurately expressed what it was I was trying to do and accomplish. I am hoping have a print out might help me better articulate what it is I am trying to do for next week. 

Chia, what now?

So for the first day of uni we went over the basics of lighting and then onto HMI.  Even though the workshop was pretty early for a first day back I felt I got a lot out of it. I learnt about HMI lighting which I got to play around with a really liked. It was interesting to learn about manipulating a constant light source. My group worked with a particular lighting technique called chiaroscuro, which was used a lot by Rembrandt.

We were looking at quality and quantity of light as well as how using ND grad gels changes quantity not quality. We also looked at why the shadows became harder as you moved the light away, not close, as well as learning to tether. 

Friday, 4 September 2015

Where did the summer go?!

So I had my first PAL meeting for this term. I cannot believe I will be back at uni full time next week. I don't know where the summer went. I've spent a lot of time this summer working on my photoshop skills which I am hoping will help me out for this year. I have also found so many new amazing artists, a lot of which have instagram profiles. I have never really tried twitter or instagram despite most people I know having them. I understand why it's important for business and it's a good tool for getting your work out there and noticed. It has just always seemed really superficial to me, especially facebook. Not in terms of photography but the inaccurate representation it gives of other peoples lives. This is probably why I have never really wanted to utilize them the way I should from a photography point of view. I did however find these three instagram profiles over the summer that I completely fell in love with. If having a profile means I get to follow these sorts of artists and businesses then I might need to get one.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The list!

So I was told today by another student that I actually genuinely have to list what I've done for the exhibition and figured the quickest way would be to literally bullet point it. 

  • Liaison between council and uni.
  • Found the undercroft venue
  • Looked at castle mall venues with Laurie. 
  • Point of contact with council - many phone calls and emails.
  • Main source of undercroft information and council guidelines for uni.
  • Go between head of finance and council.
  • I secured NUA public liability insurance alongside Samantha.
  • I secured health and safety plans and got the exhibition approved alongside Samantha. 
  • Completed all paperwork for the council - 18 sections with several sub sections.
  • Helped come up with alternative wall ideas - fences. 
  • Secured Tim's wall alongside venue team.
  • Spent nine plus hours with venue team on floor plan.
  • Collected posters and flyers from Zac and took them to Kirstie.
  • Many meetings with Samantha, Sean and Chris over Easter break
  • Attended venue meetings.
  • Had many Facebook chats with venue leaders to resolve venue problems.
  • Got council to tweet about our exhibition.
  • Helped Sean measure doors for fences.
  • Helped plan layout and set-up.
  • Helped hang work and helped with deadline - 11 hour day
  • Was at the undercroft 9 days in a row leading up to opening night - These days were generally between 9 and 12 hours long alongside venue team.
  • Helped set dates.
  • Helped with fence hanging issues.
  • Made sure tutors had info to send out to pupils on the intranet.
  • Posted on Facebook so students knew what was going on.
  • Made announcements before peer evaluations about the exhibition at uni.
  • Am the key holder for the undercroft.
  • I will be cleaning the venue as needed whilst we are open.
  • I will be helping Tim take down his wall
  • Helped with cost list
  • Found out who was medically qualified and made sure we had a St. Johns Ambulance kit.
  • Taking down fences, clearing work, fixing walls and cleaning the undercroft for three days before we close down.
  • I managed to obtain tables for the undercroft for people with installations with tutors help.
  • Went into the undercroft at 7am to wash glasses.
  • Served wine for both VIP nights with Samantha.
  • Answered various questions and queries from all students for duration of the exhibition. 
  • Went to the undercroft out of hours - before 9am and after 6pm to let people in to for work.

Samantha Cameron photography - instagram

Samantha Cameron photography - instagram

Samantha Cameron photography - instagram

Thursday, 7 May 2015

So is that a2 or a3?

Firstly I need to apologise for not having any posts on here lately. One, to my tutors. I know this is a requirement and counts as part of my grade. I really am trying to keep up with it. And second, to you guys who aren't my tutors who for some unknown reason are reading this. I've been hectically busy but like I said before, this counts towards my grade so I need to find time for it.

I feel like I've been doing nothing but the exhibition recently. Thank whomever and whatever that there is such a fantastic venue team. I honestly believe if it weren't for Sean, Samantha, Elizabeth and Zac I might have been found one night crying and hugging a bottle of wine to my chest. The constant meetings with Sean, Chris and Samantha over the holidays where I always came with nothing but a list of problems much have been such a downer. I don’t think I ever came with good news, solutions maybe, but never a list of good news. My Facebook messages are nothing but messages between this lot as well as Karolina, Kirstie, Kerry and Kamilia. When this is all over I vow to send these guys a message with nothing to do with this exhibition. I cannot remember the last time we just said hello to each other casually.

Maybe it was just blind optimism but I honestly didn't think the paperwork for the exhibition would take so much time up. I thought I would fill it out, send it and that would be that. I didn't anticipate the hours of my life that would be wasted away on the phone or typing emails. Mistake learned.

The floor plan which Samantha, Sean, Elizabeth, Laurie, Karolina, Zac and I furiously worked on for over nine hours was hellish. Never has my brain been so tired from crunching numbers. Never have I seen something as simple (or not simple as we found out) as a floor plan leave so many people stressed and tired. If I ever hear the words a2 or a3 again it will be too soon.

Samantha and Elizabeth have been amazing team leaders. If there was a problem these two along with Sean and Zac found the solution. If graphs needed to be made, Elizabeth made them. When posts needed to be sent out Samantha made sure they were sent out. She always got the minutes up. They both kept everyone informed. They made sure everything was fair and everyone’s voice was heard. They deserve a long, quiet peaceful night with no Facebook notifications and many shots of tequila. 

Laurie needs a huge mention for that damn waste management plan. Have you ever had to make a waste management plan for an exhibition? It's oddly complicated. Surely you just put rubbish in a bin and then take the bin out, right? Wrong! 

There are still just so many people to mention. People I have probably forgotten to mention. Vicky for the fundraising. I mean seriously, without those guys we wouldn't even be able to pay for anything. Amy who I'm sure must have updated that cost list about 100 times. I know I'm supposed to talk about what I've done and tell you what I've contributed to the group, but I feel it’s impossible to say I helped with a floor plan or put my signature on a document without mentioning everyone who’s been working tirelessly away for this exhibition. These people have made sure that everyone gets as good a place as any for their work. They've made sure that we can actually pay for the exhibition. They've made sure we have the materials we need. They made paperwork and floor plans a breeze to what it could have been.

Part of me thinks I may have compromised my university work because of the time I've spent on the exhibition. I'm sure a lot of people I've mentioned here and not mentioned here feel the same way. I'm sure they’re just as stressed and worried about getting the work done. However I'm not worried about the exhibition. Yes, there is so much more to do and very few days to do it in, but if these people put as much effort into the next few days as I know they have in the last few weeks, I have no doubt the exhibition will go off without a hitch.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Interim Self-Evaluation: 4pm Wed. 15th April
Student Name: Niki Antell

Group: 1
BA3: Task 3    Group Exhibition

1.   Identify your roles within your exhibition team so far, your strengths and areas for improvement.

My role so far in the exhibition team has been the liaison between the university and the county council. I found a space called The Undercroft and when the group voted on that as being our primary choice I then contacted the council and have been in charge of all the paperwork since then. This has meant numerous meetings with the venue team, council and university finance department. I had to fill out the Undercroft hiring form, sort out insurance, finance, health and safety. Anything for the exhibition had to be run through me so I could add it to the council form and get it signed off by the council. Basically any kind of paperwork, and as contact to the council it’s my job to feed everything back to the group leaders and project managers. This also meant when faced with the problem of the building being grade 2 listed and therefore unable to altered in any way the team had to come up with an alternative mounting method where I came up with the idea of fencing as it was cheaper than building fake walls.

2.   Identify how you can improve the areas for improvement.

I could have maybe been more involved in other aspects of the exhibition like fundraising or media. However before and over the Easter holidays I have been mainly focused on all the paperwork and making sure we meet council guidelines. Being more involved in other groups and aspects is something I plan to do after all the paperwork has been approved.

3.   To what extent do you feel you have effectively collaborated within your team so far?
     To what extent do you feel you have contributed and engaged as part of the team?

I think in terms of contractibility and keeping the group in the loop I have achieved this. However my role wasn’t particularly group orientated. Apart from council meetings where I teamed up with numerous people I worked mainly by myself as all the paperwork is in my name. However any decision, change of plan, or change in paperwork meetings were set up and we dealt with them as group. Any kind of health and safety meeting I teamed up with the group leaders as well as project managers. I feel I contributed and engaged with the team when problems arose such as the fake wall mounting.

4.   Have you attended every team meeting and project development session?

No I haven’t turned up to every meeting. I have missed two in total. I will ensure this doesn’t happen again by better time management. The meetings I did miss I told people ahead of time. I ensured that someone else had all the details and could speak no my behalf and let the group know where we were with the exhibition paperwork.

5.   To what extent do you feel there have been any barriers so far to your input into the project?
How might you have worked better?

I feel like the paperwork and council liaison has taken up so much of my time I couldn’t contribute to other areas like fundraising and media. This is something I’m going to work on though once everything with the council has been signed off on and I have a bit more free time to give to other areas of the exhibition.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

I literally don't have enough food.

I had my first one to one of the term today. I eventually came to the conculsion that even with the worlds best time management I probably can't get all the photographs I want to do done before hand in. It makes me a tad sad really, however it is my own fault. I picked an impossibly time consuming subject. There has been times where I have cooked something and it has taken me so long to set up and style the area that by the time I'm ready the sun has either shifted or the food has wilted into an awfully, unappealing mess. This means I have to pick less time consuming cooking, or buy things ready made. It's not surprising I'm having difficulty. Normally you would have a food stylist and a home economist doing this all for you. You wouldn't have to worry about buying more food props, or how forks look, does your mixing bowl match the aesthetics of the overall image? I wanted to pick something I have never tried before and would really test me and push me to think and learn new skills. I definitely picked the right subject, however maybe I've stretched myself too far? I've been so concentrated on the exhibition I've put my university work to the side for a few weeks. I'm starting to regret that now. 

Wednesday, 1 April 2015


I have always wanted to hike the PCT. I feel like this would be a pretty great way to combine work with something I've always wanted to do. Maybe a post-graduation trip. 

Come on brain!

It's been a little quiet on here lately, sorry about that. I have a university work blocked brain. I can't get past my ideas phase. I have some ideas, but I'm not happy with any of them. They just don't seem right. I've been so concentrated on the exhibition and making sure the council have everything they need I put university work on the back burner for a couple of weeks. Now it's Easter break and the venue meetings and council meetings have stopped I just can't seem to get into my work. I tried taking a couple of days off and doing nothing in particular but my brain is just full of fluff and not co-operating. 

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

You decided to do what now?

So I decided to do a food styling photography based module for university a little while ago. However it has only just now come to my attention that my oven is broken. My oven has been dead for several months now. (my landlady doesn't like to fix things.) Due to this little problem I have become the queen of making dinner, baking grill cakes and cooking an entire roast dinner on three hob rings and a grill tray. Yet somehow I forgot the annoyance I go through every night and gave myself a food photography module to complete. I don't know what happened to the train of thought that led to me thinking food was a good idea, or what happened to my brain that led me to forget about my oven. I think the blonde that is the colour of my hair is finally messing with my brain. 

Ira Glass.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The Undercroft.

My contribution to the Y1 exhibition has been the venue. I found a location called The Undercroft which is in the centre of Norwich, underneath the war memorial next to the market.

  • Niki Antell I found a place called the undecroft, it's right in the city centre, underneath the market. Sometimes NNF use it for the festival but someone I know working there thinks it might be free.24 February at 15:42 · Edited · Like ·
  •   cool Niki Antell I had this on the list - do you have a contact that can be put next to it - don't worry if not  I've been dying to use this space for something. For anyone not familiar it's AMAZING!24 February at 15:47 · Edited · Like · 3

    Niki Antell Yep, here you go. - NCC contact:Clare Hubery, 01603 212241
  • Here's all the info like risk assessments, cost, entrance ways. - 

  • After finding the location I contacted the city council and gained all the specifications and guidelines. 

Dear Niki,
Following our conversation yesterday please find attached the guidelines for using the Undercroft and also the application form. If you would like to meet to discuss your proposed exhibition then please let me know.

After reading through all the information I then wrote up a list and posted it on the group page on facebook. It lists the possible problems for hiring the venue out. the group meeting was on the 10/03/15

So having gone through all the specifications and guidelines that I was sent today these are a few of the things that we need to decide how we want to tackle if we still want to go ahead with the undercroft. The application process time takes a while (2 weeks, then a site visit and meeting, we then need to submit a final risk management, fire and site plans for approval.)

1. The maximum number of people in the space at any one time is 60.

2. It was confirmed that as The Undercroft is a grade 2 listed building there can be no alterations to the fabric of the building including holes drilled in walls. (We can however use the ones in place and mount fake walls for our work to hang on.)

3.The Undercroft is not fitted with a smoke alarm. Where electrical equipment is installed it may be necessary to attach smoke detectors. These must be checked weekly and recorded. (extra cost and we cannot install themselves, we have to get a qualified person in)

4. The £277.41 (£13 per day) does not include electricity. We will be charged for electrical costs and electrician time as well as being responsible for any costs and the additional building rates accrued during this time.The hirer will also be charged for electricity used. Power is available but is limited (max 16amp)

Personally due to the limited number of people we can get into the building for opening night I can't see it working. Our opening night guests would have to queue outside in the cold. A good 10/15 out of the 60 would already be accounted for due to curators for opening night, project leaders, caterers if we're doing food. If we invite any special guests they would need to go first and be prioritised. We would have to constantly ask people to leave so we can bring another set in. Combined with all the extra costs I think we might be better off looking for a place that allows us and our opening guests in all at once. When you start to add up all the extra fees the undercroft isn't as cheap as it seems. We also run a massive risk of being a month or so into the process and our fire safety plans being failed, or site plans or any of the other things we need to do in order for the application process to happen. We could potentially due to this process, end up having to cancel our exhibition if our plans are not approved and re-done in time.

Ideally if we want to go ahead and we can work with these issues we should try to get it in by the end of the week. I can also ring previous exhibitions that have been held at the undercroft and ask for their fire safety plans so we at least have something to work with.

Despite the problems it was decided in the meeting that we should still go ahead with the venue due to time constraints. Laurie Snell and I decided to share the paper work and meetings with the council.